What platforms can I get Eon Altar on?

EON ALTAR is now out for PC and Mac on Steam. The Eon Altar Controller app is available on iOS and Android, compatible with most modern devices. As Eon Altar is designed first and foremost as a couch co-op game we are eager to get it on Xbox One and PS4, and hope to release on console in 2016.

Do I need a smartphone to play? Can I play with a controller, or mouse and keyboard?

EON ALTAR is designed to be the ultimate couch co-op RPG experience, and plays best displayed on a TV. The Smartphone controller is not just an input device. It’s designed from the ground-up to not only control your character in exploration and combat, but as your ability progression tree, equipment upgrades, gear and crafting, as well as your window into your characters secrets thoughts and story. Designed for co-op from 2-4 players, you have your own private screen to use at the same time as any other player, and share your story or keep your secrets to yourself.

How long is the game?

‘EON ALTAR Episode One – The Battle for Tarnum’ is now available on Steam. It includes a campaign story with 3 levels, and is approximately 4 hours of gameplay. The story of Eon Altar cover 9 Episodes, and we are hard at work finishing ‘Episode Two – Whispers in the Catacombs,’ due out in early fall.

What will the game cost me?

Episode One is currently on a Steam for $6.99 USD (check steam for your local currency), or you can purchase all of Season One for 14.99 USD. The Controller app is completely free

What do I need to play?

A PC that can run the core game, and a smartphone for each player, all connected on the same WiFi network. Internet connectivity is not required.


Requires iOS8 or later. Compatible with iPhone 4s or later, iPad Mini, iPad 2 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5s.


Requires an Android phone or tablet with at least 512mb or RAM and Android 4.1 ‘Jellybean’ or later.

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

Community involvement is very important to us! We’ve conducted many, many in-person playtests so far, and the information we’ve acquired has been incredibly valuable, and we’ll continue with a wider audience. Please feel free to use our community forum to chat with us directly about powers, enemies, items, and whatever else crosses your mind.

And if you run into a bug, let us know so we can squash it!

I am having trouble connecting my phone to the game. What do I do?

Check through this list to see if any of these items solves your problems.

Ensure that your phones and PC or Mac are all on the same local network. The PC or Mac does not have to be on WiFi, but must be on the same local network.
Make sure you are on the ‘Start Campaign’ screen on the Core game while trying to connect.
If you PC or Mac asks you for permission for this app to communicate through your Firewall, say ‘Yes.’ It may ask you the first time you run the game.
Try turning the Controller app all the way off and on again if it persists in not connecting.
While in the ‘New Campaign’ screen, backing out to the Main Menu and back in often helps refresh the server list.
If the controller app still cannot see the Core game, you can use apps like Remote File Manager on iOS to determine if your phone can even see your PC or Mac. For Remote File Manager specifically, if you hit the + beside “Dashboard”, then select “Network Share”, at the bottom you should see “NETWORK NEIGHBORHOOD”. If your PC or Mac does not show up on this, it means your phone cannot see your PC or Mac. To remedy this, ensure that network sharing is On (http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-8/turn-sharing-on-or-off), double check your firewall settings, and ensure your router bridges the wired and wireless networks into a single network.
If the controller app can see the Core game, but you cannot connect, or it does connect but immediately disconnects, check to see if you have any network management software such as “Killer Network Manager”. If you do, either add exemptions for Eon Altar to them, or just kill the programs. Killer Network Manager, for example, has two processes, “NetworkManager.exe” and “KillerService.exe”. Ending both of those tasks may allow the game to stay connected.

If the game persists in not connecting, start a new discussion in our Steam Discussions to chat further with the team.

My Controller app has lots of lag. What can I do?

While we tested thoroughly on numerous devices and have created a very smooth experience, we can’t account for every hardware combination. Here’s a few things to check if you are having controller lag.
Make sure any connected devices aren’t too far from a wireless access point. Our data transfer rates are very low, but very weak signals can slow down the performance.
If your WiFi access point has the option of 5 Ghz and 2.4 Ghz, use the 2.4 Ghz option. 5 Ghz is faster, but much shorter range and prone to interference from physical impediments like solid walls and floors.

My Controller app crashed or disconnected. What can I do?

Eon Altar has a robust reconnection system. If your Controller has disconnect, you’ll be returned to the ‘Session Select’ screen, where you can reconnect to your campaign in progress, re-select your character and continue like nothing ever happened! You can even do it with a different device. If your phone dies, pick up right where you left off with your Tablet!

What about playing online?

EON ALTAR is all about getting your friends together, ordering pizza and drinks, and playing through a classic RPG story together. We are inspired by tabletop and D&D games in our youth, and love the cooperation, competition, and we miss playing these kinds of games. At Flying Helmet Games we’re striving to recreate those nostalgic moments from our youth. Those moments of screwing over your friends or cheering when your group takes down the boss together are often that much more satisfying in person! For these reasons we are focusing on local co-op for our first release (and we think there’s not nearly enough great local co-op games out there, especially RPGs!). We have ideas about how to take it online in the future but we aren’t committing to any plans just yet.

I found a bug and now I can’t continue the game! Help!

While bugs like this are rare, they can still happen. Often a quick disconnect and reconnect of the Controller app will fix it. Make sure to leave a post in our steam discussions and tell us what you experienced. Give as much detail as possible and we’re try to fix it for the next update!