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Eon Altar


EON ALTAR all started with three friends, a few beers, and fond memories of our high-school DnD adventures. Together, we dreamt of creating a game that would capture the shared excitement of tabletop role-playing, taking place in an original fantasy setting enriched through years of pen-and-paper storytelling.

We pulled from our experiences as AAA video game developers, as well as from our connections in the movie and TV industries, and secured initial funding to hone our vision. We initially envisioned the game as centered on a large tablet PC, but later reinvented it as the couch co-op experience it is today.

Throughout development, we benefited from the generous support of the Canada Media Fund and counted on an indie team of amazingly talented developers. Building EON ALTAR has been one of the most difficult, rewarding things we have ever done. All that while keeping control of our IP, too!



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Awards & Recognition

    Team & Repeating Collaborators

    Edward Douglas
    Project/Creative Director
    Previous Project Highlights
    • Ubisoft – Creative Director / Realization Director
    • Baldurs Gate Enhanced Edition – Cinematics Producer
    • Mass Effect 2 – Senior Cinematics Designer
    • Need for Speed - Cinematics Director, Associate Art Director

    Scott Penner
    Lead Designer
    Previous Project Highlights
    • Sleeping Dogs – Cinematic Animator
    • Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X. 2 – Cinematic Technical Director
    • Need for Speed Undercover (PS2) – Cinematics Director

    Haydn Wazelle
    Previous Project Highlights
    • Produced numerous successful films with company Tabula Dada
    • Cofounder of Scenic Drive, a web based review service

    Leah Vilhan
    Lead Programmer
    Previous Project Highlights
    • Ordbogen A/S – Senior Software Developer
    • Electronic Arts Blackbox & Bioware - Software Engineer
    o Mass Effect 2, Need for Speed

    Daniel Roy
    Previous Project Highlights
    • Freelance writer, numerous credits – Ubisoft, Pixifood, Flick Studios, Black Crow Games
    • BioWare – Senior Producer
    • Ubisoft – Producer, Designer
    o Splinter Cell Franchise

    Nick Tay
    Consulting Senior Art Director
    Previous Project Highlights
    • Art Director – Electronic Arts

    Tom Salta
    Previous Project Highlights
    • Halo Spartan Assault
    • Ghost Recon
    • Galactic Reign
    • Halo CE Anniversary Edition
    • Prince of Persia

    Joey Wiggs
    Lead Programmer
    Previous Project Highlights
    • Microsoft Office Infopath
    • Microsoft Office File IO
    • OneDrive-Office Integration

    Mark Hollier
    Audio Lead
    Previous Project Highlights
    • Need For Speed: ProStreet
    • Skate 3
    • Need For Speed: The Run
    • Medal of Honor: Warfighter
    • Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel

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