Complete Season One

The nostalgic feeling of an old school couch-coop game with an RPG twist. Available now on Steam for PC/Mac.

  1. Grab the game EON ALTAR on Steam
  2. Get the FREE Controller App for iOS or ANDROID
  3. Sync your Controller Apps to EON ALTAR using the same WiFi
  4. One purchase gives up to 4 players access


Take Control

Control your character using your smartphone through an intuitive movement interface, and journey to the depths of the Eon Altar.


Succeed Together
or Die Alone

Cooperate with your allies. Engage them in player-to-player dialogue, expose the truth behind myths and legends, and guide your hero to their ultimate destiny.


Explore and Strategize

Explore the lavish dungeons and tunnels that stretch below Tarnum Fortress in nine episodic installments, and conquer dozens of unique quests and challenges. Prove your worth on a tactical battlefield, and overpower your foes with strategy, magic, and martial prowess. The Eon Altar's defenders are many, and they are deadly.